The Great Unknown Man of Mystery

The Great Unknown Man of Mystery
The Great Unknown Man of Mystery
The strange-but-true character study of the truly strange character who, strangely enough, never made himself the subject of a character study.
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©2007 Ekendra dasa

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He was alone in a great, big world
Nobody knew his name
Made up his mind he was going to find
Universal, everlasting fame
Like a shooting star in the night
He was out to catch everybody’s eye
Off in the distance sometimes
He could hear a voice say, “Why?”

Like an actor on a stage
He loved being someone else
Never wanted the crowd to go home
Didn’t know how to be himself
He could be a barrel of laughs
Then make you want to write h is epitaph
All mixed-up inside
Like a Heckle and Jeckle and Hyde

So give it up for the great unknown man of mystery
Let’s hear it come on
In his mind he was the kind of guy everyone should love
Never knew where he was at
Talkin’ this and walking that
Walked through this world
Not knowing who was doing the walking

He always knew his lines
He always had a good time
In the morning he was gone
To put another costume on
Couldn’t help but B.S.U.
Never graduated from that school
Did he promise you the sun and the moon?
Hope you didn’t need them anytime soon


If he was walking what he was talking
He would have got somewhere
But he was faking it, making out like he was already there
Lord, I’ve been going great guns
Trying to be anyone but who I am
They’re gonna take my bones and write on my stone,
“Here lies the Unknown Man”

He only wanted to be someone–Like a lot of us do
But who that “someone” was, he didn’t have a clue
Set out to find one
On a sunny day
When the snow was piled high
As he drove away
People said, “Who was that guy?”