Rockin’ Fantasy

Rockin Fantasy
Rockin Fantasy
Not to be confused with "Rock and Roll Fantasy" by either The Kinks or Bad Company. No. Simply another tale of a recurring shattered dream.
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©2003 Ekendra dasa

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It seemed like a magical vision
Ended up a fountain pourin’ out derision.
Sailin’ like a boat on the ocean floor.
Don’t wanna bail it out and patch it up anymore

I release you. I release you – now let me go.
Don’t wanna be another head on a garland of skulls.

Had me jumpy and twitchy too.
Had me weak and wired and worried
Didn’t wanna say nothin’ to freeze you
Screwin’ up my head, just a-tryin’ to please you

No relief – nothin’ but sand.
Them shimmerin’ waves make a man think he’ll get somethin’ to drink.

Gotta lotta load to be lightened
frightened is what I am at the thought of
leavin’ all my tyin’ illusions.
solution is just to understand that

Reality, no matter how hard it seems to be,
Beats a rockin’ fantasy.