Never Ever Land

Never Ever Land
Never Ever Land
Ask almost any benighted and bewildered soul living in the world these days, "What's the goal of life?" and you're likely to get a response along the lines of, "Get stoned, get high, and die."
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©2008 Ekendra dasa

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Air conditioner here, television over there
Down the road is an ocean of groceries
I feel fine here in my easy chair
No sign of any deadly disease

Maybe I should be satisfied
Try being an average guy
Two point one kids and a big satellite dish

All my life I been a desperate man
Never did figure out what I wanted to be
When and if I grow up
I got no five or ten year plan
Just a time bomb tickin inside me

Can’t believe I made it this far
Every evening, I wish upon a star,
“make me sane, Lord make me “me” again

how do people ever settle down
not feel a shadow of a doubt
is this all there is, or is there
something I should know? Don’t tell me, I’ll

stay dumb never get smarter
havin fun is a whole lot harder
when you know too much
and God, I know too much
so maybe I’ll
get high and never get sober
then my troubles will be over
sounds like a plan
stay in Never Ever Land oh yeah man.

when I was a kid I had unlimited time
blew it all on candy and TV
now I don’t get one minute that’s mine
always someplace else that I got to be

down deep I got a lotta love
try to keep it always covered up
play it cool. Don’t be a fool and show it

down deep, I hate to be alone
but you can’t put your hand on the phone
‘when the grass grows high on a hillside
where your body lies, and if I just had

one chance, one more moment. I’d
make it last. I keep on hoping I could get that chance
but we all get that chance and blow it
yeah, we get high and never get sober
thinkin’ “my trouble will be over”
that sounds like a plan
to stay in Never Ever Land