Another truck stop jukebox favorite about a misdirected, lusty, lazy troublemaker who stumbles into a Krishna temple and, before long, is worshiping the Deity on the altar.
Price: $1.08

©1998 Ekendra Dasa

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You get a stiff fight tryin’ to fly right when the mind don’t wanna
Might have a better time yankin’ all the cacti out in Arizona
And I been pig-headed, corpse-fed, inebriatin’, fornicatin’
Talkin’ just a bunch of bologna
Lord, straighten me out I’m crooked as the track at Daytona

I had a no-good brain of wood, feet of clay—I was a cheater
Plenty of drinkin’, not much thinkin’ I was livin’ in a theater
And I been TV drunk, filled my head up with junk,
couldn’t get off of the couch a millimeter
Oh, Lord, You gotta help me like You said You would in Bhagavad-Gita


I was a back-stabbin’ girlie-grabbin’ lyin’ cheatin’ never-do-well
I had all my bags packin’ on the night train clackin’ to hell
Where’s my good time? Frustrated! Good sense? Lust ate it!
Ate up all my money as well
I was a back-stabbin’ girlie-grabbin’ lyin’ cheatin’ never-do-well

Lord! Pick me up now, somehow Listen, ’cause I’m waitin’ on Your
doorstep, ringin’ Your bell
No more back-stabbin’ girlie-grabbin’ lyin’ cheatin’
car-jackin’ crack-trackin’ love lackin’ evil-minded unkind and
fault-findin’ never-do well