Mode of Passion

Mode of Passion
Mode of Passion
The drive gear of the whole machine, without which there would be no BMWs, no fast food, no mass-produced anything, no Golden Gate Bridge, no O2B Kids franchises, no disposable seven-bladed razors, and a lot fewer babies. Maybe.
Price: $1.08

©2003 Ekendra Dasa

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What I thought I wanted I decided I don’t
and what I want right now–won’t be long ‘til I won’t
Monday I wanted what was over that hill
Tuesday I got it and it made me ill

I’m in the mode of passion
No such thing as any kind of satisfaction
Lord, I’m pilin’ up a heavy load. I’m in the mode of passion.

So I gave away every single thing that I owned
But still that mode of passion wouldn’t leave me alone
The next day I went and tried to get it all back–
Everybody said, “Tough luck, Jack.”


Mode of passion is sure in fashion
Everybody stompin’ on the gas and crashin
When you hear me cursin’ and my teeth gnashin’
That’s how you know I’m in the mode of passion.

And I can’t stay put, I keep movin’ around
I know it ain’t no good. I gotta settle down.
I see greener grass somewhere else on the map
But when I get there, I see a pile of crap.

You want what you ain’t got and when you got it you don’t want it
Rajo guna rajo guna rajo guna guna guna

Now they taught me an awful lot of things in school
Like: how to figure figures and run a power tool
But one thing I sure wish they’d taught me about is:
How in the world does a man get out of this

mode of passion?