Man in the Photograph

The Man in the Photograph
The Man in the Photograph
We try to "capture" or "preserve" our "good times" by freezing still images so we can look at them later. But pictures offer precious few clues about our real life story. And what is this one brief life but a snapshot of the soul's eternal journey?
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©2006 Ekendra Dasa

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photo in my file
face i know so well
frozen in a smile going
up and down on a carousel

photograph of mine
what story do you tell?
once there was a guy
who tried everything to please himself

every once in a while
i get pulled into my past
taking a ride through the black and white, I’m young again
thinking I’m that man in the photograph

here’s one of you and i
standing by a waterfall
every time i see it
i am falling like that river water

once upon a time
i got butterflies when you walked by
how could i see i would
turn out to be the bad guy

river runs like time
we got carried down it fast
hope you like your brand new life
the one in which I’m not the man in your photographs

let’s stop the action for a fraction of a second then we’ll
add to our collection of distractions and call it a memory

whispers in the night
fade away into the air
long as there’s sufficient light
a picture haunts you everywhere

photograph of mine
how can I break your spell?
every time I see you
I am right back on that carousel

taking one more ride
falling for reflected light
world going round the sun going down
and I’m still thinking I’m that man

In the photo in my file
Face I know so well