Maggot Poo Poo

Maggot Poo Poo
Maggot Poo Poo
As long as the self/spirit/soul is still in the body, we're full of affection and fondness for it. Once it leaves, we're like, "get that thing out of here! it stinks!"
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©1998 Ekendra Dasa

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Well, fluff it up, baby you’re a beauty queen
hold in all that “beauty” with a tab of Dramamine
Time is tickin’ baby, better get yourself a clue
‘cause in a very short while it’s gonna be maggot poo-poo

Maggot Poo-Poo Maggot Poo-Poo
It don’t matter what you think or what you say or what you do
Maggot Poo-Poo Maggot Poo-Poo
Yeah, time is gonna make it, gonna make it outta you

Pump it up and gruntin’ buddy— got a big machine
Veins poppin’ on the cover of a rack of magazines
If all you do is eat, sleep, mate and defend
you’re just a tube of doo doo with a smile at one end

Now, buzzard gonna get it
Or maybe luck will let it
be in a crematory barbecue
I ain’t gonna pet it
You can just forget it
Just throw it on the pile
and wait for maggot poo-poo

Lovin’ and a-huggin’, boy you got her in a clinch
Team of wild horses couldn’t pull her off an inch
A little ticker attack and you’re chilly and blue
She’ll be outta the sack before you can say boo