I’m On Fire

I'm On Fire
I'm On Fire
Alternate title: "The Ballad of the Omni-Voracious Wanna-Be Ultra-Enjoyer," or "The Numbskull Death-Defying Lust Butt"
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©2007 Ekendra Dasa

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I like chowing down until I can’t think
And my eyes bug out until I can’t blink
and a time bomb is where my stomach was
but, hey, kids, you only blow up once


I’m on fire
I got pleasure to burn
I get so blinded by desire
That I never do learn

Them hands of time done a job on my face
It’s got more lines than Shakespeare’s plays
My goose is cooked, my days are numbered
But I’m reading a book called How To Look Younger


I’m gonna drive all night in my Coupe de Ville
In the bright moonlight by the old boot hill
They got big stone hats saying R.I.P.
But I ain’t gonna let that happen to me


If my hair falls out I’ll have an operation
If my manhood goes south, I got medication
If I can’t defecate, I’ll get that under control
Then I’ll get a hot date and let the good times roll