(I Think) I Like it Here

(I Think) I Like It Here
(I Think) I Like It Here
No matter what life throws at you, no matter how hellish things appear, no matter how many flies are in today's batch of ointment, remember; as soon as you get a chance to come up for air, or when the dentist's drill stops, or when your broken bones or heart finally heals, you'll forget it ever happened, thinking, "oh, it couldn't have been that bad after all. . ."
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©1998 Ekendra Dasa

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Bye bye, love, my heart’s in pieces
What to do now? God help me, Jesus
Bills comin’ up, and I just can’t pay ‘em
Daily bread? I better start prayin’

Front page news—I’m rapt in fear
No doubt about it—I’m gettin’ outta here
Club Misery and I am a member
All right, God, I give up, I surrender—

Then it lets up a little
It only lets up a little
But when it lets up a little
I think, “I like it here!”

Clock on my life like a mouse on cheese
Can’t slow it down, it’s got me on my knees
Man hatin’ man, nation hatin’ nation
Only good plan is to get salvation

Pol Pots, Holocaust, Rape of Nanking—
Just readin’ about ’em makes my heart sting
One can of worms right after another
Make like a banana—somehow or other

Well ran dry—I can’t remember why
All I ever do is cry and cry
My friends say I’m a barrel of tears
Haven’t had a good time in about nine years

Feel like crud—I can’t suicide
I’d just come back a spud and I’d be fried
Life’s a bear, death ain’t even the end
You get another head of hair and a “try, try again”

Every day’s a visit from the Calamity Commissioner
It’s enough to make a man start chantin’ Hare Krishna
World is weird, yeah, a total mind bender
Somebody stamp me, “Return To Sender”