Translation: "Now is the time to inquire into spiritual matters, now that I have this rare and valuable human body. Who knows what kind of life is awaiting me next? This life is tottering like a drop of water on a lotus petal. I would prefer to not be born as a bloodsucking insect next time."
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©1998 Ekendra Dasa

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I gotta get ahead
See what’s afoot
Before I get dead
and I gotta stay put
I wanna get the lowdown
before I go down
Gotta solve this mystery
before I’m history

Well, time, you’re a big, mean, hungry thing
Eatin’ everything up like a meal
But I’m a nice guy, I got a suit and tie—
Can’t you cut me a deal?


‘Cause like a drop on a leaf, life gonna teeter
I wanna live right,
don’t wanna come back a skeeter

Now I done burned out precious time
on dally, dawdle, and diddle
But I won’t find no peace in my mind
‘til I can crack this riddle