God Project (lyrics)

God Project
God Project
As long as we're unaware of our spiritual identity (we're small, God is big), life is almost unbearably complex. We've got superiority complexes masquerading as inferiority complexes, and all kinds of complex complexes, mostly manifesting as, "Hey! Look at me! I'm cool!"
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©1998 Ekendra dasa

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Fed up feelin’ two foot small?
Like to feel like twenty foot tall?
Tank it up on ethanol
Hit the deck like cannonball

Got to do somethin’ ‘bout them clothes
Only dead men still wear those
Slap this on, smell like a rose
Shake a leg – gonna decompose


Workin’ on a god project for
tryin to be the center, tryin to be adored
Hope you don’t mind croakin’ on a floor
You get a little less, you pay a little more

Pack of pit bulls on the prowl
G.O.D. on a monogrammed towel
Suck that stogie, pack that bowel
Come back a doggie, grab it and growl

I’ll bet you’re dyin’ to go in style¬—
Deluxe shrine and shiny tile
Twenty-one guns, single file
Maggot gonna go hog wild