Desperate, Restless Feeling

Desperate, Restless Feeling
Desperate, Restless Feeling
Do you ever catch yourself thinking, "There must be (something/someone/someplace) better than (what I'm doing/who I'm with/where I live)"? No? Well, how about, "If I only had X, then my life would totally rock"? No? Well, lucky you.
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©2004 Ekendra Dasa

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If I had myself a big, fat Cadillac car
And a rock and roll band
And all my favorite publications calling me a star
And people wanting to shake my hand

Would I be a happy man?
I could be happy anywhere unless it’s where I am, because

As long as I been breathing
No matter where I roam
I got a desperate restless feeling
That I can’t shake and it won’t leave me alone

I been on a half a mile long locomotive train
Rolling way on down the line
And way up in the sky on a DC9 jet aeroplane
Trying to get out of my mind

This one goes out to all the friends I left behind
I’m gonna see you again on the other side. And

Nighttime follows evening
What goes up must come down
And that desperate restless feeling
Never fails to follow me around

If I had myself a big, fat Cadillac car
For every time I felt this way
Desperate and restless as a June bug in a jar
Wishing I could fly away

So far away
I would own so many Cadillacs,
I’d have to buy the highway

And as long as I keep dreaming
I’m gonna keep on singing them blues
Somebody take this desperate, restless feeling and
Turn it in to something I can use

Desert Highway photo courtesy of Stillpoint Press