200 Proof Absolute Truth

200 Proof Absolute Truth
200 Proof Absolute Truth
The burning-est, scorching-est, most flammable-est distillation of all that needs to be known. By prescription only. Recommended by all genuine Vedic authorities. You can question them, but don't waste their time. They've got deliveries to make for serious customers.
Price: $1.08

©2003 Ekendra Dasa

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I was sufferin’ like hell. I had the walkin’ amnesia
Whisky didn’t help – nor did Milk of Magnesia
Kept lookin’ in the mirror, yellin’ “Who is that guy?
Does it even matter if I live or I die?
Who put me here? Maybe somebody goofed!
I need absolute truth. Make it 200 proof.”

My family shrink called it “existential fever”
Aw, but I don’t think that’s it. I don’t believe her
Mama said “Honey, it’s a passin’ phase.
You’re gonna be fine in a couple of days.”
I said, “I doubt it, Mom. Somethin’s rotten at the root.
I need absolute Truth. Make it 200 Proof.”

Don’t water it down. Give it to me straight
I can’t stick around so don’t you be late
The only thing keepin’ me from leapin’ off a roof
Is absolute truth – 200 proof

Gimme some o’ that brew that don’t go flat
If you got a clue, let me know where it’s at
I don’t care if it don’t go down smooth
I need absolute truth – 200 proof

There’s a place outside o’ this one story town
Where you can get high and never come down
Nobody throws up, everybody has a blast
And the neon signs say “Home At Last”
And even the graffiti on the telephone booth
Is absolute truth – 200 proof