About Ekendra Dasa

Ekendra Dasa is an internationally known songwriter/performer/multi-instrumentalist/inspirational speaker quite unlike any other internationally known songwriter/performer/multi-instrumentalist/inspirational speaker.

Since 1989, Ekendra Dasa has taken his discoveries in the science of consciousness—that metaphysical stuff animating our temporary body—and spun them into songs that illuminate hidden regions of the human psyche. With pathos and humor, Ekendra’s lyrics take on the greatest mysteries of life, like, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and, “Why did that light have to turn red just when I’m in a big hurry?”

Ekendra Dasa has traveled barefoot with swamis in India, studied the Puranas and Upanishads while bicycling the Rocky Mountains, survived testicular cancer, and singlehandedly created new musical genres like “Philoso-billy,” “Psychology Pop,” and “Existential Funk”.

Before going solo, Ekendra lived as a traveling rock and roll monk, touring and recording with groundbreaking straightedge band Shelter. To create his first CD, God Project, he recorded guitars, vocals, and drums himself and collaborated with other instrumentalists via U.S. Mail. Performing Songwriter Magazine voted God Project one of the top DIY albums of the year, calling it, “one of the funniest, infectious slices of country and rockabilly you’re ever likely to hear.”

His subsequent albums, 200 Proof Absolute Truth and Car Toons, were released in between appearances at universities, folk festivals, church groups, corporate events and yoga centers across the U.S.A., where he has left audiences simultaneously wanting to dance with wild abandon and enter lives of deep contemplation. 200 Proof’s “Red Light Up Ahead” has been featured on NPR’s Car Talk, bringing Philoso-billy to the ears of radio-listening car repair enthusiasts everywhere.

Ekendra’s core message is that by improving the quality of our consciousness we improve the quality of our relationships—with each other, with the world we live in, and with our source. That’s what human life is for—and for having an occasional pizza.

Since no one takes anyone seriously who can’t make them laugh, Ekendra dasa seasons his observations of our flawed human condition with just enough salty riffs and sardonic wit to make them palatable. A typical show includes songs from his expanding catalog, true stories, examples from ancient wisdom literature, and call-and-response musical meditation, kirtan.

He has performed with kirtan artists Gaura Vani, and punk-rock-icon-turned-yoga-instructor Raghunath Cappo—-with whom Ekendra once co-owned and operated Equal Vision Records (kirtan label Mantralogy‘s parent company). He has shared stages with the Mayapuris, Green Day, They Might Be Giants, the Kennedys, and Rage Against the Machine. But his proudest accomplishment thus far in the field of musical consciousness-raising was convincing Alice Cooper to buy a copy of the Bhagavad-gita.

Ekendra Dasa is an editor for Krishna.com and has been married to writer/singer/cinematographer Tulasi-priya since 1994. They live in Jacksonville, Florida and also perform together as FunKirtan.

For bookings, or for more information, send a note.